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Photograph of artist.  Part of breast cancer art project, visually articulating an experience where a breast cancer patient described
their cancer as a "fog that they are lost in."  Photograph by Mallory Shotwell.  
Community, Connection, and Care is the Root of every Practice 

Mallory Shotwell is an interdisciplinary artist, curator, and Founder and Director of Cultivate,

an artist-run arts organization based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Mallory Shotwell’s art practice investigates the nuances of care and the human condition, blending traditional techniques with new media and alternative photographic methods. 

Her work invites viewers into a dialogue on the intersections of personal and collective identities, bridging gaps between the tactile and the digital, the visible and the invisible. 

Each piece is a step towards communal healing and transformation, embodying her belief in the power of art as a catalyst for social change.

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