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'Changemaker' art installation at Cap Times Idea Fest

I was honored to be selected as Cap Times Idea Fest this year. They wanted a more interactive art piece that their guests could participate in. Their theme was 'Reach for a Better State.'

Chris Murphy, managing editor of Cap Times, shares: "A number of big-name political figures are in the lineup of speakers this year, including Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro and his twin brother, U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas; U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Oshkosh; Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez; and former U.S. Rep. Scott Klug, R-Madison."

"Other well-known panelists and speakers include New York Times best-selling fiction author Chloe Benjamin, columnist and podcast host Ana Marie Cox, Epic CEO Judy Faulkner, Washington Post associate editor David Maraniss and other reporters from both The New York Times and The Washington Post."

This is Cap Times third year hosting this event. The weekend included 90 speakers and moderators in nearly 40 panel discussions, one-on-one interviews and other sessions on UW-Madison’s campus.

Considering the theme of 'Reach a Better State,' I created 'Changemaker.' Below is the statement that I wrote for the piece.

“We all have the power to change. Change ourselves. Change the world around us. Everywhere you look there are opportunities to make change by engaging with your community Get in touch with what you and your community care about, collaborate with others, ask big questions, and explore ideas. We are all tied together, and we can be change makers.”

Considering the idea of people as change makers, this project invites participants to write their for change, or a wish for a better state, on one side of a wood circle (reminiscent of change coins). The other side will be spray painted the branding colors of the festival. After writing, they will be invited to place the ideas on a Plexiglass sheet.

Over time, as the piece builds, one side will display all of these various ideas, and the other will create a mosaic of colors, as the circles come together. Both sides will be beautiful in their own regard."

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the event opening due to a surgery, but Art Lit Lab colleague and friend Genia Daniels stepped in to facilitate the project. I am so thankful for her!

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