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Artist's Way Project

Ongoing work, June 2023-Present

Artist's Way Project Grand Rapids MI.jpg

Project Artist Statement

The Artist's Way Project, realized through a collaboration between Shannon Mack, Mallory Shotwell, and Cultivate, is a vibrant extension of Grand Rapids' thriving artistic scene. This initiative harnesses the philosophy of Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way" to enrich the cultural tapestry of the city by actively involving local artists, particularly from marginalized communities.

In its second year, this project underlines the transformative potential of creativity, engaging a diverse cohort of 12 commissioned artists to lead a series of 12 methodically structured workshops. These workshops, each resonating with a theme from Cameron’s seminal work, facilitate a deep, interactive exploration of creativity that is both personal and communal.

Concurrent guerrilla art initiatives dynamically engage the public in non-traditional spaces, turning everyday encounters into moments of artistic discovery. These installations are designed not only to beautify and reclaim urban spaces but also to spark dialogue and build connections among residents and visitors alike.

Further enriching the project are curated speaker series and performances that delve into the intersections of art, culture, and mental health. These events serve as intellectual complements to the hands-on creativity fostered in workshops, creating a multifaceted narrative that speaks to diverse audiences.

This ambitious project reflects a sustained commitment to fostering an inclusive artistic environment where creativity acts as a catalyst for personal growth and community resilience. The Artist's Way Project is not just an artistic endeavor but a sustained movement towards embedding artistic exploration in the fabric of urban life, supporting Grand Rapids' cultural and communal landscape.

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