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Call for Stories 

There are many ways to participate in the project.  Workshops, in-person interviews, but also the two ways below:  

Participants can share their whole stories, or elements of it, in the form below, or call the google voice phone line.  

The question will change every month, so stay tuned for what you would like to answer.  Participants can answer one question on the line, or every question.  (If you choose to answer multiple questions, please use separate calls) 

Phone Call Sharing - 


Please share stories of waiting - any of all aspects of waiting.  Waiting for an MRI or CT scan, waiting for a blood test, waiting to get into an appointment, waiting for a result, waiting for chemo, the emotional weight that you carry... there are no wrong answers.  

Please share the story of how you received your news or either the gene or cancer diagnosis. Statistically speaking, the majority of this news is shared on the phone.  If you'd like, you can share how you felt, or exactly what the doctor, practitioner, or nurse said at the time.  

Note: these calls will be recorded and archived for the project.  No names will be used.  Recordings may be used in the exhibition.  Calls will not be returned, and calls are a device to gather stories.  

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