We will meet on Thursdays in September, from 5-7pm EST.


Transform your community spaces and support your community with food! In this four week class, we will explore and learn about victory gardens, and a twist on them - potager gardens. A potager (po-toe-jhay), or kitchen garden, can be created with a community garden, containers, or a front or back yard. It includes annuals, perennials, herbs, and vegetables in one space.   


This class will learn to design a garden with a myriad of color, blooming and harvest times. Participants will learn about soil, what to plant in their areas, how to care for and maintain these plants, and how to support themselves, their homes, and their communities with food. We will also share ideas on fall planting, cleanup, and what we can do in the long winter months as we count down for spring!  


Note: All of these classes will be recorded.  Life is crazy right now, and I want to make space for kids, dinner, emotional needs, and life in general.  People may need to miss a while session or periods of time, and that is okay.  All participants will receive 10-20 page handouts, local resources, and video links in a Google folder.  

Adult Victory and Potager Gardening Class


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