We will meet Mondays in April, from 6-8pm EST.  


This is a very comprehensive gardening course on Victory and Potager Gardening. Potager (po-toh-jhay) gardening means “kitchen garden” and is a holistic approach to gardening, as it welcomes flowers, herbs, and vegetables in the same area, thus welcoming and supporting pollinators. 


Students will familiarize themselves with, or learn the history of Victory Gardening, preparing your garden for a healthiest plant life, soil and soil structure, fertilizing and composting, flower care, vegetable selection and care, pest control, organic solutions, garden design, and so much more.  


Students will receive a 10-20 page PDF handout each week depending on the topics.  In our class, we welcome any and all questions, so much so that the class pivots around the student’s needs and garden wishes.  Regardless of the garden you have or want - container garden, raised bed, in-ground, or even a farmette space, this class is for you!  


Bring your gardening woes or problems, your gardening peace and joy, your gardening curiosities and wonder, but most of all, bring yourself!  

Victory and Potager Gardening


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