We will meet on Wednesdays in December, from 4-5pm EST. 


In this class, we will use smartphones to learn photography and hone our personal styles.  


We will learn the technical elements of photography, including how to see and manipulate lighting, perspective, and environments to make really cool compositions.  


(With parent permission), We will download apps like VSCO and 1998 Cam, and share the similarities and differences.  We will also have an app and internet safety conversation.   If you have parental control filters on the phone/device, you may want to download the apps before class starts.  Please email me if you’d like to do so, and I can let you know what they are.  


Each week, kids will be given various prompts/assignments as it relates to the theme that week.  They will be strongly encouraged to take photos and/or videos in between classes, and to share them in a google folder created for the class.  In the beginning of each class, if kids are comfortable sharing, we will show their work and share some thoughts about what they did.  We will ask critical questions, share positive reinforcement, and have friends see their work developing.  


Students will need a smartphone or Ipad for this class. 

Smartphone Photography


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