Welcome to Saturday Sessions!  


We will meet on the second Saturday, February 13, from 9-11am EST. In this session, we will be exploring Abstract Art!


In this workshop, families and children are invited to make art together.  We will be creating two or three projects, depending on the size of the class and length of the projects.  Together, we will be looking at work by 20th century and contemporary abstract artists and making new pieces inspired by their work!


Often when we look at abstract art, we think “I could do that!”  When we look at the artist's work, we will be playing art games about it, and asking if we like their work and why, what colors, lines, or shapes are they using?  Can we use the same colors and shapes?  What order do you think the artist did it in?  Why?  Understanding these pieces will give context, we will understand the process and work that goes into making different pieces, and through this, we will make our own abstract pieces.  


Be prepared to get a little messy!  Choose a space that has placemats, a tablecloth, or a surface that you don’t mind if it gets paint on it.  All materials will be washable, but you may not want paint on Grandma’s nice china.



Saturday Session: Abstract Art


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