We will meet on Mondays in October, from 4-5pm EST. 


In this beginning class, we will play games about photography, experiment with new ideas and practices, connect and interact, and have a lot of fun.  


We will learn some technical elements of photography, including how to see and manipulate lighting, perspective, and environments to make really cool compositions.  


Each week, we will do interactive lessons, move around the house and space, and understand elements of photography, but also art and design.  We will get creative as we use smartphones, ipads, point and shoot cameras, DSLR, but also have fun as we utilize and play with the webcam angles and perspectives.  We will also experiment with filmmaking language and perspective. 


Students will need any photography device for this class.  A DSLR camera, smartphone, IPad, or point and click camera will work well! 

Intro to Photography


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