We will meet on Mondays in December, from 530-630pm EST for an instructional class, and Wednesdays in December, from 530-630pm EST for an open art studio class. 


Interdisciplinary Art is composed of many genres and mediums of art. Rather than one medium, like painting or photography, an artist may engage in making their own paper and printing their photography on it. It may include performance art, sculpture, new media, or even manipulating and playing with light and space. 


Teens are invited to practice and engage with many forms of interdisciplinary art as we study artists and art making, hone their interests and styles, and design a single work or project that embodies their interests.  


In our class session, I will act as facilitator and guide, supporting and helping the students in the class to find and create projects that speak to the many mediums that students are drawn to.  What do they like as individuals, and how can we merge them?  We will study many forms of interdisciplinary work, often referencing work that has been at ArtPrize.  We will get to know the artists, their mode of work, their influences, and use these as inspiration to create their own work. 

Intro to Interdisciplinary Art


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