We will meet on Tuesdays in October, from 4-5pm EST. 


In this class, we will understand and hone our drawing skills using hand/eye practices, value - light and shadow work, and shape/form work as we understand and create still lifes.  


A huge part of being an artist is seeing like an artist.   How do we observe, and break down the world around us using shape, form, light, shadow, and value?  We will be seeking inspiration and studying work of artists that exhibit elements of art and design.  Using their examples, we will come to understand how and why movement, repetition, or contrast work in a piece.  Then we will use these elements of art and design in our own work.  


Each week, we will have a walk through/lesson where I will show students how to break an object down.  This may be a person, perspective, object, or light source.  Then we will have optional sketchbook activities that students may participate in throughout the week.  They will be strongly encouraged to take photos of their work in between classes, and to share them in a google folder created for the class.  In the beginning of each class, if kids are comfortable sharing, we will show their work and share some thoughts about what they did.  We will ask critical questions, share positive reinforcement, and have friends see their work developing.  This is often one of the kids favorite parts of the class. 


This class will include a kit that will be delivered one week before class starts.  This kit will be safely packaged and include most materials for the class.  Students will only need to have paper and erasers. 

Intro to Drawing


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