We will meet Thursdays in May, from 6-8pm EST. 


This is a very comprehensive gardening course on Garden Design, Pollinators, and Companion Planting (and a great followup from the previous class on Victory and Potager Gardening).  Serving the exact needs of the students in the class, we will be using your actual spaces and/or gardening circumstances.  Whether you have a porch, container garden, raised bed, in-ground, community garden, or just a dream/future space, we will be solving your problems and designing the space of your dreams!  


Students will learn to analyze their spaces for light, shadow, water flow, wind flow, seasonal changes, and figure out what will work best.  We will be exercising elements of art and design in a garden space to create a space that you love as we bring in plants that not only look good together, but by companion planting great plants together, they will grow stronger and deter pests!  


Students will be asked to take note of their space in the growing and changing location.  We will call this “being a witness” to your space.   We will discuss various methods of doing so - simply being in your space, taking notes or keeping a diary, or taking photos or video of the changes emerging.  


Materials needed:  A notebook and a camera to photograph, or witness, your gardening space.  I will recommend various materials to purchase for whatever space you have - soil tester, various fertilizers, etc, but nothing else is required. 


Garden Design, Pollinators, and Companion Planting


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