We will meet on Tuesdays in January, from 4-5pm EST.


In this class, students will use graphite pencils and oil pastels to draw from observation.  More specifically, we will draw from still life the first half of class and draw people in the second half of class.


In the first week, we will do still lifes from items in pictures, then make viewfinders and examine what makes a dynamic composition, making still lifes from objects in our spaces and drawing them with graphite pencils.  


In the second week, we will study ways of forming compositions that are appealing to our personal eyes.  We will recognize that each of us has our own idea of beauty, and there is no wrong answer.  We will ask ourselves why and how we make still lifes the way we do, construct different options, learn how to break the down with shape, form, tone and value, and draw them with oil pastels.  


The third and fourth week is about drawing people.  In these two weeks, we will start to draw either photos of people’s faces, drawing self-portraits, or drawing images of several people.  We will practice how to measure a face, how to observe the shapes and forms, how to see the light, and how to capture that on a face or person.  In these weeks, we will use graphite pencils and oil pastels. 


A kit of the graphite pencils and oil pastels will be provided. Kits will be delivered or shipped one week before class starts.  

Drawing from Observation


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