We will meet on Tuesdays in December, from 4-5pm EST. 


In this class, we will draw and understand many forms of comic book and graphic novels characters and design.  


There are many forms of characters and design, and these sometimes subtle details are what give the book or novel a certain tone or feeling.  The Amulet books, for example, have a brown color palette that lends to a feeling of comfort and curiosity.  At the end of this class, the students will be able to decipher and understand these elements that make up a book or series.  


Each week, we will study, make or do various elements of comic book and graphic novels.  The student’s interests and books they love will inform the class, as we look at their books specifically, drawing both interest and other connections to other art forms.  We will come to understand not only the styles that the artist/illustrator chose, but also how we can access these styles and do it ourselves.  


All of this will feel easy going and fun, as we watch clips of shows, piece apart the elements, and have ongoing conversation about what students like and don’t.  This is all to say that while there will be a lot of learning going on, students will be having a lot of fun, and making great connections along the way.  

Comic Book Characters and Design


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