We will meet Thursdays in April, from 6-8pm EST.  


In this class, we will use paper like a painting or drawing medium, and focus on still life and portraits.  


In this in-depth class, we will only be making two larger works of art - one still life and one portrait, because we want to explore, understand, but also take time with the work.  We will discuss how to break up the still life or portrait into basic shapes and forms, identify the colors, then find those colors (or other desired color) and cut the shapes to work with the piece.   


Different than other classes that I have offered, this is a deeper dive.  While we will have instruction, I will largely be acting as a guide in your art-making.  How can you achieve the shadow value or shape?  What is the best way to do this?  I will walk students through setting up a still life in their own spaces, so they can reference it at any time.  For the portrait work, we will be doing a self-portrait or work from a photo of a person.  


Materials needed:  Two large pieces of either watercolor or mixed media paper.  I recommend 11 x 14 for each of these pieces.  You may choose between rubber cement or modge podge.  We will discuss the pros and cons of each in class.  Please start collecting magazine and newspaper materials - antique malls are a great source for interesting text, color, and magazine or old book materials. Seek out vintage or older materials, and/or National Geographics, etc.  Magazines like Real Simple, People, Cooking Light provide less interesting content than what we are seeking in this particular course, so you can avoid those.  

Collage Portrait and Still Life


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