We will meet Thursdays in March, from 6-8pm EST.  


The goal of this class is to again encourage the regular ongoing practice of art making.  We will learn to see as an artist, grant time to be creative, dive into the art-making space, and show up for the page and ourselves in the process.  


We will be using a variety of materials - oil pastels, watercolor, acrylic paints, photography, video work, soundscapes, ink or ballpoint pens, pencils - whatever you have already.  (I will also recommend other materials that are optional, but you can choose to get.)  We will have regular practices and work in-class, but we will also have a plethora of prompts to choose from - some larger, some as small as going on a walk and observing color or recording your favorite sounds throughout a day with your phone.  


These prompts will be on Google Classroom, so a welcome addition to the class is that students can share work they create throughout the week.  A supportive group will be created within this process, one where we are connecting and sharing regularly.  

Art Journaling: Establishing a Regular Creative Practice


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