We will meet Mondays in September, from 530-630pm EST for an instructional class, and Wednesdays in September, from 530-630pm EST for an open studio. 


This open-ended class is based in many art making practices.  The mission of such is to develop or continue a regular art practice.  Teens will be provided with a sketchbook that they can use in, or out of, class.  We will have open ended prompts in class, and we will be collaging, painting, drawing, writing, adding poetry or song lyrics.  


Students will have prompts every day on Google Classroom.  These are optional and open ended.  The goal of these prompts and this class is to again encourage the regular ongoing practice of art making.  Students will be encouraged to share their work and explorations within the classroom.  (Though it is optional, as some things may be more personal and that is welcome!) It provides an awesome opportunity to see, give, and receive positive reinforcement.  


The resulting actions may be like a sketchbook to practice art, or a journal/diary action to write personal thoughts and ideas.  There are no wrong answers!

Teens Art Journaling: Discovering Your Style


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