We will meet on Tuesdays in November, from 4-5pm EST. 


Take your photography to the next level!  We will take a deep dive into manual settings, study the elements and techniques of understanding how we as photographers take portrait, commercial, landscape, long exposure, and other photography mediums.  


In the previous DSLR class, we explored artists and asked questions about if we like the work or not.  This time, we will be using a critical lens to study HOW they did their work.  Where were they standing?  What was the light like?  Using language that we learned in previous sessions, we will analyze and break their work down so we can completely understand what happened and how we can replicate it in our own work.  We will have prompts, and encourage kids to send in their work. 


Students will need a DSLR camera for this class. 

Advanced DSLR Photography


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