We will meet on Mondays in January, from 6-8pm EST.


In this class, adult students will use graphite pencils to learn the basics of drawing.  We will explore value, composition, and learn to dissect both still life and portraits with shape and form.  The goal of this class is to show up for the page, to make art as often as you are able, and to have fun.  


Each class will feature lessons on contemporary drawing artists.  We will actively challenge the canon of arts that are traditionally taught, as we study the work of BIPOC and LGBTQA+ artists working today.  We will learn and practice language to discuss their styles, gain inspiration and understanding, and then use that language as we have group shares about our work each week.  


We will be making small works each week, and focus on two to three larger pieces - a still life and a portrait, throughout the month as well. 


A kit of the graphite pencils will be provided, but students will need their own paper.  A sketchbook of your preferred style is best.  I will also recommend larger paper  that can be purchased in-person or online. 

Adult Intro to Drawing


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