We will meet on Thursdays in January, from 6-8pm EST.


In this class, adult students will learn the basics of drawing.  Together, we will explore the basics of acrylic paint.  Practice color theory and value, experiment with different brushwork and texture and understand art history as we study and make art inspired by artists' work. 


We will be making small works each week, and focus on two to three larger pieces. 


Believing that all art-making sharpens skill, we will also have easy-going prompts that encourage creativity, expression, development of skill, and the ability to see as an artist.  These are optional, and done in your own time, but it will be encouraged that you draw or make art for at least 10 minutes everyday.  


A detailed materials list will be sent for this class for in-person or online shopping. 

Adult Intro to Acrylic Painting


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