Municipal was a one day pop-up show at Madison's Municipal building. It was to be fully renovated, so before they started they gave artists the opportunity to display work in every available space. Nearly 3000 people attended this day, and it was an incredible event to partake in and witness.  

Three pieces were developed for this event: 

"Give Advice, Take Advice"  Participants were invited to take a piece of paper and answer the question:  "What advice would you give a younger version of yourself?" Envelopes were quickly filled as people shared moments and advice of all kinds.  

"Experience Mapping"  Provided different colored pins, people placed markers on a large scale map of Madison in the spaces where they had experienced the following feelings: happiness, anger, loss/grief, love, and sadness.  Upon completion, it revealed a unique map of the many worlds and stories that people of Madison have.  Many people noted the collections of pins in various spaces - downtown being the most popular, but also parks, homes, and even cemeteries.  

"What will you Do?"  With a blank wall, I invited people of all ages to write directly on the wall with paint markers as they answered "The Municipal building will be done in two years, what do you want to do in the next two years?"  Responses, naturally, varied depending on the age - everything from "eat pizza," to "travel to Slovenia," to "learn as much as I can by asking tons of questions."  Even the current Madison mayor answered on this wall.    

© 2013-2020 by Mallory Shotwell  

Interdisciplinary artist, art teacher, and curator    Grand Rapids, Michigan

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