Call to Artists 
World of Winter Installation, in partnership with DGRI 

It Takes A Village 

Exhibition opening in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan as part of World of Winter
Will be on display February 6 - March 6, 2022 



In partnership with DGRI, I am excited to announce a public art exhibition, It Takes a Village, opening February 6, 2022. Three artists will be selected to create a site-specific installation inside a constructed “home”.  The way you choose to design and install your experience is entirely up to you.

Individual artists and collaborative groups are encouraged to apply, and all mediums are welcome.

It Takes a Village is a site-specific public art installation featuring the work of three artists or groups.  Partnering with community organizations and centers around Grand Rapids, this project intentionally showcases the community and people of Grand Rapids.  It Takes a Village to support a person.  It Takes a Village to support a community.  It Takes a Village to grow together. 


This project envisions a world and a community where all people understand and embrace the contemporary meaning and significance of community support and care, and feel empowered to take positive action to care for themselves and others. We are constructing these spaces for artists to share the histories, experiences, and hopes for the future, engaging visitors with a window onto different perspectives to find common ground with one another.


The site-specific installations will be inside fabricated, single-room greenhouse-like space that create an immersive space of understanding community, empathy, and care.  Ideal work will serve to start conversations and connect community.  The work may serve to answer the following questions:  "What does it mean to care for a community?"  "What are the histories of the various people who live or lived there?" "What are the stories of the various people who live or lived there?"  "What does 'It Take a Village' mean to you as an artist or person?" The mission of this work is to connect community through art - honoring many areas of Grand Rapids and the histories/stories of the people who live there. Electricity may be provided.  Installations will be locked, unless an artist would like to host a workshop inside the space.  Details of security will be listed in the contract. 



  • A single document Project Proposal including the following written requirements:

    • -Tell us about the plan for your structure, and the workshop proposal idea you would like to offer to a community center,  and how you will design and install the space.

    • -An artist statement that incorporates your ideas and thoughts on what it means to care for and support a community.  1000 words max. (This statement may be elaborated or edited by the artist to reflect thoughts collected from the community center workshop.  This final statement will serve as the introduction to the installation.)

  • Artist bios, including collaborating artists groups. 300 words max.

  • Concept sketches or digital designs of installation

    • Please note that the exterior should only include minimal decoration

  • Portfolio of relevant examples of past work, minimum of 3, maximum of ten (10) images of previously completed artwork. All examples should represent work completed within the last 5 years. EACH image must be labeled with the artists or groups name and numbered. 

  • Portfolio Document, about the photos including

    • Artist(s) Names

    • Image Number

    • Title of the Work

    • Medium/materials of construction

    • Year Completed

    • If part of a group, include either examples of past collaborative projects or examples from each artist

  • Things to keep in mind, but are not required at this phase:

    • Project budgets, any special installation requirements, and fabrication timelines

Selected artists will receive a stipend in the range of $1,000 to cover materials and time. 

If you are selected to take part in the exhibition, you will be required to submit the following within one week of acceptance (more details will come with the selection email):

  • Final draft renderings, digital or otherwise, of the interior and exterior of your home. I will provide more detailed floorplans and structure images as guides

  • Interior spaces should be installed to ensure that they are physically accessible to all visitors

  • Artists can choose their exterior paint color to be painted and paid for by Mallory.  The spaces will be a blank canvas, so to speak, but will look like a greenhouse like those that restaurants. Any other changes to the interior will be the responsibility of the artists. 

  • Exterior should only have minimal decoration, and will also include the artist statement to act as an introduction to your space

  • Installation materials, timeline, and any special installation requirements

Artists or collaborative groups will be provided a stipend of $1000 upon acceptance and contract signing. 


  • The complete application must be submitted no later than Friday, December 31, 2021 at 11:59pm EST. Early applications are encouraged.

  • We will notify all artists of our decision by Friday, January 7, 2022, to move onto the final proposals and mockups of installations. 

  • If selected, more details to be included in your selection email.  Selected artists will have until Sunday, January 9 to accept.  Selected artists will be shared on social media on Monday, January 10, 2022. 

  • Artists will have from January 10-February 4, 2022 to assemble their work.  

  • Installation will tentatively start on Friday, February 4, 2022, and needs to be completed by Sunday evening, February 6, 2022. Installation dates are flexible depending on the artists’ needs.


  • Send a SINGLE PDF with above information to with the subject line "It Takes a Village Application" before the deadline Friday, December 31, 2021 at 11:59pm EST. 

  • Only completed applications will be accepted for review. 


  • Selected artists will be expected to take part in one workshop with a community center in Grand Rapids related to It Takes a Village, either in-person or virtually depending on your location, comfort level, and current CDC guidelines.  

  • Artists and/or groups are not responsible for insurance.  

  • Installations will be documented and artists and/or groups will receive professional photos of their work, and interaction with the work after de-installation.   

  • The artist(s) and installation will be featured in the organization’s media promotions and subsequent press. 

  • Please note: Artists will be responsible for their own installation, and Mallory will assist 

  • Mallory will manage the space between installation and de-installation 



If you have any questions regarding your application, the exhibition, or deadlines, please email Mallory Shotwell at