breast cancer art project

"Suspended Self: the Liminal Space of Breast Cancer" 

“Suspended Self: the Liminal Space of Breast Cancer” honors the in-between, the liminal space that is created in a life affected by breast cancer.  A body of work to invoke emotion, connection, and serve as advocacy work, this exhibition is a visual articulation of the breast cancer experience.  Hundreds of their voices inform the work as “previvors,” or people who have a high family risk or gene that increases their risk of breast cancer, current cancer patients, and breast cancer survivors are both the voices and guidepost for this project.

New Normal

"New Normal" is a Grand Rapids, Michigan area project that is composed of photography, comic strips, and an aggregated collection of the hashtag "newnormalgr" that collects the feed of various social media sites. A Grand Rapids area project, this serves to support and see the lives in and around 100 miles of the city.  This project acts as a catalyst for support, connection through the laughs, tears, joy, boredom, loss, state of madness, state of shock, and state of dissociation that occurs while living in this collective trauma.  All art created serves as an artifact of this time.