educational philosophy

Working as a Montessori teacher informed my art practice as well as laying the foundation of educational philosophy for my teaching practice.  

In this regard, I act as a guide to the student.  It is a rigorous learning environment, where we explore the language of art and design, share and understand art history, and even in the youngest classes, share work with an influence of critique so that students can gain positive reinforcement for their work.  Best of all, we do it while making life-long connections, new friends, and have a lot of fun.  

Students and parents have shared that this learning environment that is created is supportive and engaging.  Students feel accepted and welcomed.  It is essential in my teaching practice to see people for who they are, meet them in this space, and support them in their learning journey.  It is essential to honor their personal styles of art and design, rather than forcing them to conform to my style.  

I understand as a teacher that not every student has the same learning style.  Some may be kinetic learners, some will be auditory, while others are visual.  Some may love the Zoom experience, and others may balk at yet another course online.  Knowing and honoring my students, I ensure that each class has a variety of learning styles, so that no matter how they learn, they can connect and engage.  All students will walk away with new friendships, more confidence in their work, and new ideas for moving forward.  

Teaching is what I was born to do.  Combining my passions for teaching and art is amazing, and I consider each day and each class a gift.  It would be an honor to work with you or your child.  

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Interdisciplinary artist, art teacher, and curator    Grand Rapids, Michigan

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