A Study on Courage 


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A Study on Courage


A Study on Courage was composed of interviews, art workshops, and an exhibition on Courage.  Courage is seen in many forms. Often praised for the fireperson rushing into a burning building, courage is so much more than that. That fireperson may see that fire as a job, and may not be intimidated by that.  For courage to some is getting out of bed, for others it is speaking in front of a crowd.  Courage is standing up to your fears.  Courage is being strong in the face of adversity, of injustice.  This project honored those moments and the people who experience these moments.  Big and small, we are all courageous in our own way.  


Eighty interviews were conducted over the course of the year. Each interview was recorded and transcribed, and participant was photographed by Mallory. It was an amazing breadth of life, story, and experience.  

Art Workshops  

Monthly art workshops were held at community centers, coffee shops, and libraries.  Each called for participants to engage in the art making experience - how does each person call upon their own courage, what does courage look like?  These workshops activated many types of learning styles and interests.  It was a gift to have artists host workshops on writing, screen-printing, art therapy, and children's lessons and activities on courage.  


The exhibition on Courage featured the work of 30 artists.  Each was asked to visually articulate what Courage was to them.  The exhibition opening was a wonderful event, welcoming over 500 people to Art In, a gallery space in Madison, Wisconsin. 

The Study on Courage opening reception was a great success thanks to the following: 

Suzuki Strings of Madison, for playing throughout the reception

Looking House Bakery and Brown Rice and Honey for sharing their delicious food

Drinks from Old Sugar Distillery 


Featured Workshop Artist + Educators:

Cathy Lawson

Jennifer Falkowski

Rita Mae Reese

Leslie Anne Numbers

Nina Golemi

Featured Artists: 

Lesley Anne Numbers 

Eric Baillies

John Hitchcock

Jennifer Leaver 

Claire Warhus

Victor Castro 

Holly Meyers 

Gillian Drier

Matthew Bindert

Jody Chandler

William Grant Turnbull

Lance Berka 

Christine Onga Kubisiak Dehlinger

Rebecca Lemke

Michael Ward 

Andrew Illene

Char Jane DeVos

Ruth Manning

Emma Dehlinger

robin e lee

Beth Skogen

Elizabeth Oner

Bobbi Sorensen

David Williams

Joel Starkey

Phillipa Bergmann

Silas Ritchie 

Denali Jensen 

Nina Golemi